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Sharing gone Wrong

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In a world that is becoming more mobile every day, social media networking is growing. People now urge to Tweet there every thought, upload pictures of themselves or their meals via Instagram, and share videos with the world on Youtube. One of the newest application cravings is for SnapChat.

SnapChat is a free mobile application that allows users to share pictures, for a limited time period (10 seconds at the longest) before the pictures are deleted. I.E. a new flawless applicant for sexting right? Wrong!

Recently at Ridgewood High School, in New Jersey, nude photos of two female students were sent through the application and captured, then posted on Instagram for the world to view, making permanent what was supposed to be a temporary “snap.”

Another instance has resulted in the rape trial of two Steubenville, Ohio teenagers. The teens had “messages, photos and videos from a drunken party incriminated them. Other teens at the party shared videos and comments about the victim on Facebook and Twitter, as well as via graphic text messages. Those postings spread beyond the high school students’ circle, with individuals and groups, such as the hackitivist collective Anonymous, publicizing the night’s events on the Internet. The growing use of smartphones and the rise of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have helped prosecutors and defense lawyers make their cases.”

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