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From a marketer’s standpoint, mobile marketing is ideal. Marketers can now tailor their advertisements to consumers based on Search Engine Optimization , or geo-location, providing more accuracy and more intimacy than typical mass marketing. However to a consumer Mobile marketing has become a nightmare.

Smart Phones now are able to do more than ever: widgets such as Siri, are able to vocally answer questions with the help of the internet, Google Maps can provide directions using your ‘current location’, and even Weather updates can be automatically uploaded to a mobile device. In a world that is becoming more mobile privacy is becoming transparent.

97% of consumers agreed that privacy as well as knowledge of the information that is being collected is a major concern when using their smart phone. And while 99% of users believe that privacy is important only about half of them have actually ever read the privacy policy of a mobile application.
With Marketers taking advantage of the growing field of mobile marketing, in order for consumers to be more secure with their privacy there are 8tips that consumers can follow:

1. Always Create a Unique Password
2. Set a strong Password and frequently change it
3. Update your phone as well as third party application software
4. Look for signs, read reviews before a purchase
5. Be careful when clinking on links that could be spam, or that ask for personal information via email, SMS or social networking sites
6. Only enter credit card information on sites that have a lock symbol or being with https://
7. Read the applications privacy policy
8. Note pop ups

mobile privacy

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