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Mobile Marketing

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Once upon a time, businesses only marketed to consumers through direct mail marketing, brochures, television ads, radio advertisements, and other more conventional methods of marketing. A time before Pandora radio, before twitter and Facebook, before YouTube was in the palm of our hands, before the world became so mobile, imagine that!

Today conventional marketing has all but become a thing of the past. Everything is fast. If it can’t be done on the go, people either do not want it, nor have time for it. With this being said mobile marketing is booming.

“64% of mobile subscribers have an Internet enabled phone, of which 44% use the mobile Internet. Among subscribers who have an Internet enabled phone, 76% have an unlimited plan, and 87% use mobile email. Across all subscribers and phone types, 27% use the mobile Internet.”

By the year 2013, download purchases in mobile application stores will surpass 21 billion. With these numbers marketers now have a broader market than ever to reach their audience. Mobile marketing provides numerous outlets and opportunities for companies and businesses alike to promote and market their brand. Mobile marketing is now. Mobility is the future.


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