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Word of Mouth Marketing

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Social media has given leeway for every consumer to now becomes a producer; through their tweets, blog posts, updates, or even added photos. Because of the speed and reach of social media, word of mouth has now become world of mouth. “World of mouth is an advancement of Word of Mouth as: (1) it disseminates the information quickly and globally; (2) its digital aspect allows the original integrity of the message to remain intact; and (3) it is traceable to an original source”. (Qualman, 2011)

Information can now spread at viral rates, and can be located or searched though common words, hashtags, tags, @’s, or other entities linking multiple people to a single source. Because consumers are so active on social media sites, business “don’t have the choice on whether or not they do social media; the choice is how well they do it”. (Qualman, 2011)


Word of mouth marketing has the power to quickly build up or tear down the reputations of products, services and organizations. Today with social media becoming so prevalent word of mouth marketing is expanding, and word of mouth marketing often spread quickly through the usage of social media.

“As social media becomes ubiquitous the speed and frequency of word of mouth communication will continue to increase. The ability for stories to scale beyond traditional channels i.e. face to face, phone, etc. becomes a double-edged sword for organizations.

Unfortunately, as quickly as positive stories get exposed, negative word of mouth seems to travel even faster. When it comes to WOMM (Word of Mouth Marketing) brands need to understand the growing role of technology and its ability to aggregate, amplify, and distribute individual voices.”

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